How skeuomorphism made David Feingold take a suppository

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This post begins at Relief sets in and David Feingold‘s blood pressure drops, but slowly starts to come back up as he realizes he committed himself to about 20 minutes of upgrading, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but Feingold had just eaten prunes and drank some coconut creme coffee and little pieces of […]

Sales Marketing and Surgery

Day in and day out I write detailing my thoughts and actions for the world to read. Normally I bare my soul, however, sometimes I may exaggerate or embellish for the sake of the story. Every good comedian does this. A fish becomes a whale, a girl becomes a one legged playboy model and a […]

Superman thinks Batman is Jewish

We will get to the anti Semitic Superman video in a minute. I want to address a few things first. 1) I don’t care what the press says, I would sell my kidney in 5 minutes for 10 grand. While money laundering is illegal and maybe even immoral, there is nothing wrong with paying someone […]

Legal Drug Dealing

It’s 1:20 in the morning and I am up. Normally, that is not something weird, I’m always up at this time of the night. So, what’s the problem? See, the issue is that I haven’t eaten all day. True, I had pasta and a 7-11 hot dog, but that was before. Before the doctor. First […]