Does Barack Obama Drink Grape Kool Aid

Does Barack Obama Drink Grape Kool Aid I have no idea, but I do. In fact, today was he first time I drank some. It was so good that I drank a whole pitcher of it. Tasted just like a melted ice pop. The grape kool aid went well with the Chinese food that Shorty […]

Barack Obama Grandmother African Video

Barack Obama Grandmother African Video Watching the news this morning you would have thought that Hillary was a battered woman fighting back. In reality, she won three primaries with the slimmest of margins. She had slowed Barack Obama’s momentum and got her own. If Joe Liberman had Joementum then Hillary Clinton has what I like […]

Barack Obama College Video

Barack Obama College Video First of all let me start with the fact that I am sick. All I can eat is soup and rye bread. I couldn’t drink coffee so i had a vanilla bean frappuccino from Starbucks. However, when I went to get a refill, they were closed. So was EVERY OTHER STARBUCKS […]

Obama Shirts Are Big Business So Is Jewish Porn

Obama Shirts Are Big Business So Is Jewish Porn Basically, I figured out today that Barack Obama or any political shirts are big business. Why? Because there is no copyright protection to a politician under the law. I could be wrong. Fat Jewish Guy is not a lawyer. He is a Fat Jewish Guy, who […]

3 Little Words My Political Satire

Obama Shirts I spent 5 hours of my life on this video. Managed to eat pasta in vodka sauce and some ice cream. Was so wired doing the editing and it had nothing to do with the coffee or the liquid candy. Adrenaline. Attention to detail. Looking at Hot Chicks. Wait, did I say that? […]

Barrack Obama and Smoking

This is not getting any easier. Woke up this morning and guess what? No, throat ache. Nothing. Ate two waffles. I could taste them. (They sucked, damn you low fat) Went to do some work and had a few cherry tomatoes. Then home. Pita with peanut butter. Soup. Pasta with spinach. Ohh, I ate today. […]