I Will Not Bang Out on the 5th

I Will Not Bang Out on the 5th I love NY. I also love movies, so it came as no surprise when I pulled up to my hotel and the doorman opened the door and welcomed me to the Roosevelt that I automatically thought of Home Alone 2. So, I went upstairs to me newly […]

How to Properly Atone

How to properly atone. On the eve of this Yom Kippur, I started reflecting. Reflecting on the past year and everything that I accomplished. True, there are some things I need to apologize for. I need to say I am sorry for not taking care of my diabetes, but in my defense, candy is just […]

Android Apps I Want To See

Android Apps I Want To See – Daily Sexy Comedy by Fat Jewish Guy With the release of the Android phone next week I came up with a list of android apps that I would like to see created. For those of you who don’t know, Android is the new cell phone from google. So, […]

Thanksgiving in July

Thanksgiving in July I love Palm Springs. True, it was about 120 degrees today. Even the pool was 90. But still, I woke up to a great homemade breakfast. French toast and something called steel cut oatmeal. I don’t care how it’s cut, I stayed away from that. Lunch was burgers and hot dogs, but […]

Obama Hates Jews

Obama Hates Jews After I checked my sugar this morning, I turned on the computer and checked my email. Imagine my surprise when I saw a letter from Barack Obama. He was asking for money. That wasn’t the shocking part. The email from Obama was addressed to Dirty Jew Jewerstein. I swear. The email started […]

Pregnancy Pact

Pregnancy Pact Blood sugar 150. This is a great news story. Some chicks in high school decided to get pregnant via a pact so they would all go through it together. 17 of them managed to do so. Think maybe the high school boys entered into a deadbeat father pact? In other news, Barack Obama […]

American Pig

American Pig I realized today that I truly am an American Pig. Wasn’t too hungry when I woke up. Tried to be healthy, as I ate a turkey wrap. Had a cup of coffee, a smoke and just chilled while on the computer. There is something serene about sitting by a pool, in the sunshine […]