Bagel is Back

Bagel is Back Learning to walk again is hard. No, I am not talking about bagel. I’m talking about me. Shorty didn’t like my old sandals. She said they look like Jesus would wear them. Jesus has many followers. He had to be cool right? So, I got these. I don’t see the difference. Only […]

Almost Done With No Bread

I’m starting to feel weak. Queasy even. I think it’s the lack of complex carbohydrates. I need my pasta. I need my rice. I forgot how much I really like corn. But regardless, I ate a salad today. With chicken and black olives. Snack was a can of tuna and matzo. Then a drive to […]

Carbs Galore

Carbs Galore I love the day before passover. I know, it’s technically tomorrow, but why not start a day early. Especially since tomorrow is the fast of the first born. I’m not really gonna fast, I think there is a loophole on that, Ill have to look into it. So, anyway, Bagel and I went […]

Bagel Dog Drinks Coffee

Bagel Dog Drinks Coffee Bagel is the best. I took him for some free coffee today. Watching him watch me eat was weird. I wanted to give him some of my salad and chicken, but I knew I shouldn’t. He will learn to beg. So, I locked him up and ate my lunch. He did […]

Cute Overload

Cute Overload I am tired. Apparently puppies are hard work. But, after a long day of walking and petting and feeding and cuddling, I was finally able to relax and watch some Law and Order. It was a new one. Wow, they need ratings. I had my popcorn and my Sprite Zero and ready to […]

Random Hookups at The Persian’s Place

So, the day started out good. Woke up in La and then headed to Malibu! First time there and let me just say that It was way better then I ever expected. I want to move there. Maybe they have like a small studio somewhere for 500 a month? I would be willing to do […]

Toasted Everything Bagel With Salmon Spread

Well, I made it to New York. Not only that, but I got my own private limo. Well not really, but I was the only one on the bus from the airport, so I guess that counts. Flight was good, once again, free upgrade, but apparently an upgrade on Frontier does not get you an […]