6 hours to surgery. Today was all about doctors. First I went to get my second opinion. The guy came out with large scars on his forearms. I started wondering who did this doctor’s surgery and maybe I should just go to him. Anyway, the doctor agreed with the first doctor so the stage was […]

Is Patti Stanger Jewish?

Is Patti Stanger Jewish? I get this question a lot. Is Patti Stanger from the show Millionaire Matchmaker Jewish? The answer very obviously is yes. Now, you may ask, how do I know this? Simple. She tells people. What did you think? There is some crazy Jewdar that Jews seem to have that tells them? […]

Full Dose Dave

Finally, I was moving on to the full pill of Phentermine. The doctor had told me to start with half and when I am sure that I don’t have palpitations to move up to the full pill. So, I woke up, ate a few slices of watermelon and downed the dose. WOW. This is how […]

Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker

Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker Ok, I am officially one of the most insensitive people around. Granted I was hungry. Really hungry, but when I went into Einstein Bagel’s I clearly was not thinking straight. I ordered one, plain, no cheese and was thoroughly enjoying myself when it hit me. I was eating a bagel […]

Roger Clemens Sex Scandal

Roger Clemens Sex Scandal So much to talk about. I went to the Vet today to pick up Bagel. He had been in the refrigerator all weekend awaiting a necropsy. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you mean autopsy? That’s what I thought. Apparently autopsy is only for humans, and since Bagel was a […]


As the sun set at camp fox, the voices of 40 children filled the air. My phone rang. I helped shorty make the call to put down bagel. It was the right thing to do. He got sicker and needed a blood transfusion. I told shorty to say goodbye and walk away. As I went […]

Attempted Puppy Homicide

I was driving down the street tonight in a blue convertible. (more on why I have a convertible later) Anyway, the top was down, the wind in my hair and the music blaring, I looked back on what can only be described as one of the worst days ever. I woke up much earlier then […]