Asian Chicken Tender Recipe by David Feingold

asian chicken tenders by Fat Jewish Guy

David will be posting recipes on this blog, and also as well as David Feingold’s Google Plus page, David Feingold’s Facebook and twitter.

One Salami Two Salami Three Salami Four

One Salami Two Salami Three Salami Four Last night I had a hard salami sandwich. I saved half of it and at two am I got to eat another hard salami sandwich. Also, a cookie and some Perrier. Then for breakfast I had a tuna sandwich. Then lunch. Guess what it was? Yup, a hard […]

Las Vegas Buffet

Before I talk about eating at a Las Vegas Buffet, I would like to start with breakfast. Going down to the lobby at 9:30 am was interesting. Women, makeup all smeared, wearing clothes from the night before and drinking coffee was a wold site. What kind of night did they have? Who were they with? […]