Playboy Mansion Party Pictures

Playboy Mansion Party Pictures ‘m still really tired from last night at the Playboy Mansion. I guess at some point I have to explain how and why I was there. That some point can be tomorrow though. As I am BBQing a steak right now, I can’t forget the tuna sandwiches, chocolate Covered Strawberries, steak, […]

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger Loves Fat Jewish Guy

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger Loves Fat Jewish Guy Remember Amber? We know her as the hot sexy superhero Obama girl. I know her as the object of my fantasies. (Sorry Stacey Steele…3 way..?) Any way, it has come to my attention that she is selling a book. So, not to miss out on an […]

I’m Batman

It was hard waking up, but I had to do it. After missing two classes at Hebrew school, I knew my students needed me. Substitutes always sucked as a kid and though I was tired and achy I still managed to make it in. Barely. Had to stop for the customary cup of coffee and […]