Outed as a cripple

Thoracic Outlet picture

It’s always fun to be in the news for something, when I was a child it was the local Jewish paper taking pictures of me at local Amish camp, which made no sense considering I was Jewish.  As the years wore on in college I made the paper for going to some rallies and then in 2003 […]

Jews hate Lesbian Proms and Black People

All I wanted to do was play some basketball. Believe it or not, at some point, I actually lead an active lifestyle. My mother wanted the best for me, as did the rest of the parents in the neighborhood and because of the love they had for their children, they taught me that discrimination is […]

Glenn Beck will Start the Holocaust

Let me start by saying that I like Glenn Beck. I actually watch him almost every day and think that most of the time he makes sense on some of the things that he says. If that is hard to understand, being that I am not a moron, I don’t believe his stupid mumbo jumbo […]

Jesus and Swine Flu

Readers of this website probably have wondered where we were all last week. True, it was possible that we were just really constipated from all of the matzo we have been eating, or lamenting the fact that Hot Jewish Girl Didi BenAmi got sent home early on American Idol, the truth is that in honor […]

Challenging G-d to a Duel

I scheduled surgery for Tuesday morning at 5am. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially for me who has already had two surgeries this year, but you see, I am Jewish and Rosh Hashanah is on Friday night. Still don’t see the connection? Let me explain. On Rosh Hashanah Jews traditionally beg g-d for […]

Van Jones Quotes

If any of you have followed the news cycle over the weekend, you might have heard about someone named Van Jones who had to resign from the Obama White House for comments that he made. For those of you who don’t know who Van Jones is, he was until yesterday the White House Czar for […]

Shoulder Pain Spies and Girls in Suitcases

I need surgery and I am so happy that it hurts. The good news was delivered today by the doctor. He says that I have a 3 inch tear in my shoulder right where the bicep is. Did you hear that? I have a bicep! Anyway, the 3 inch tear is caused by a bone […]