Is Rachel Zoe Jewish

Shorty should never have turned me onto this show Rachel Zoe project. She tried to explain it to me that Rachel Zoe was basically a Patti Stanger type who runs around being crazy. Well, since I know Patti Stanger, I figured I would watch the show and see for myself. Guess what? She is not […]

Dear Oprah I may be a Grobanite

Dear Oprah, I was trying to get my girlfriend to rub my back tonight so I had to endure watching your show. I must say that I did not know there were such things as Grobanites, (those who love Josh Groban), but shorty seemed to know and understand this phenomenon. It was definitely interesting seeing […]

Rumer Willis is Ugly

So much is happening in the world today. America is on the verge of a race riot. Health care is being debated. Libya is back in the news. So much is going on. However, I want to address something that has been bothering me for about a year now. Rumer Willis’ ugly man face. Now, […]

Van Jones Quotes

If any of you have followed the news cycle over the weekend, you might have heard about someone named Van Jones who had to resign from the Obama White House for comments that he made. For those of you who don’t know who Van Jones is, he was until yesterday the White House Czar for […]

Osama Bin Laden and Elizabeth Berkley

What is the connection between the terrorist mastermind and movie Showgirls? Let me explain. In the movie Showgirls Elizabeth Berkley’s character pushes Gina Gershon’s (hot Jewish girls) down a flight of stairs. This causes Gina Gershon to break her ankle and thus Elizabeth Berkley gets to take over as the main showgirl in the big […]

Ancient Romans had Small Packages

What would Nero do? While the economy is crumbling, the nation is divided and Los Angeles is burning down, I decided to do what every good Nero would do. I went to Malibu. There is a place there called The Getty Villa and it may sound familiar because it was just featured in the show […]

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach vs Gaddafi

I was watching TV today while eating some matzoh and butter when I saw an interesting story come on. Muammar Gaddafi the president / dictator or Libya is coming to spend some time in Englewood New Jersey. Now, I happen to have a connection to that place since my aunt used to live one town […]