Park Avenue Hookers

Park Avenue Hookers I said goodbye to Shorty this morning. We drank coffee and ate a black and white cookie as we talked about how great our weekend was. 5 WaWa’s, Cheesesteaks, Water Ice, Pizza, Hoagies, Fatal Car Accidents were all part of a great time. It was time to go into the city. Trains […]

Grilled Hot Dogs

Grilled Hot Dogs So the day started out sunny. Went to grandmas and got a cup of coffee at Cosi. If you don’t know what a Cosi is then you either don’t live on the East Coast or just never heard of Cosi. Either way, it was nice and sunny as we sat and drank […]

I Am In Delaware

I Am In Delaware I saw someone die tonight. Seriously, I did. It was two in the morning and Shorty and I went to Delaware for cheap smokes. I saw the car behind me. 140 miles an hour and moving really really fast. I said to Shorty that it was gonna hit the divider. Sure […]

Late Night Cheesesteak at Pats

Late Night Cheesesteak at Pats As I write this, I am sitting on the 10th floor of my mother’s building trying to get a free wireless signal. It’s 530 am and I just got home from my food tour. Shorty had her first Cheesesteak. Pats Steaks of course. We also saw a man masturbating in […]

US Airways Sucks Like Monica

US Airways Sucks Like Monica The day started out great. Sunshine, plane ticket and knowing that I will be in New Jersey by night. So, I get on the plane and everything is cool. I informed the flight attendant of my diabetes and was given granola bars, cookies and pretzels. Not sure that that was […]

I Love WhiteSaki

I Love WhiteSaki As I write this post I’m trying to figure out if it’s spelled WhiteSaki or White Sake? Never too good at spelling. I think if I have a son, I am going to name him “Teh.” It’s like a cool name. Teh Feingold. I’d be real dick about it and make people […]

Gonna Miss You Bea

Gonna Miss You Bea I’m too upset to write anything. Found out that Bea Arthur died today. This woman has been the object of so many fantasies of mine. It’s a shame. Thank you for being a friend Bea. Thank you for being a friend. Please note….by Bea Arthur I mean Estelle Getty. Bea is […]