How skeuomorphism made David Feingold take a suppository

Flat iOS icon

This post begins at Relief sets in and David Feingold‘s blood pressure drops, but slowly starts to come back up as he realizes he committed himself to about 20 minutes of upgrading, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but Feingold had just eaten prunes and drank some coconut creme coffee and little pieces of […]

FitBit day 2

Hot Girl Working Out

Normally the first thing I do when I wake up is go to the bathroom, then make coffee. I’ve been doing that for at least 10 years and it seems to work for me or at least it isn’t hurting me, since I continue to do it.

With the introduction of the FitBit though, I have to remember to turn it off, take it out of the wristband, put it in the plastic clip and then clip it onto my waistband. While this takes about a minute, it does mess with my head a bit.

FitBit day one feel ripped off

fitbit scam

I was in Best Buy and decided to buy myself something called a fitbit one instead of something cooler than I would normally spend my money on. There were many versions of fitness trackers lining the aisles of Best Buy, but since the fitbit seem to be sold out everywhere and they only had one […]

Dachshund back surgury

dachshund stitches

After my dachshund needed back surgery, I decided that it was time to start blogging again. Forget the fact that I’ve had a few minor procedures this year (or has it been longer?), but having a dachshund go through surgery and the days leading up to it deserve a post. A little background.

Why Apple is the best Porn Site

Some people may think that two hours is perfectly acceptable for a file that large, but I pay for turbo speed super fast internet because I like to look at boobs and particularly videos of girls farting on cakes, so a file that size should take me at the most 5 minutes. Apple gets so many things right, but for some reason they don’t get the internet, that’s ok, no one is perfect, but just come out and admit it.

Top 10 dirty things Siri will not do


Everyone is taking about Apple’s new Siri voice software and while the focus on the cool things that she (or it) can do, no one has yet talked about the things that Siri will not do and since we had the chance to play with the new iPhone 4S, we had the chance to push […]

The difference between Sidney Pollack and Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak

What is the difference between Sidney Pollack and Kevin Pollak? Besides the obvious fact that Sidney has an extra C in his name, my quest to find out is just beginning. I’ve met Kevin Pollak before at a few events with former CBS news hottie Shira Lazar (still a hottie, no longer with CBS) and […]