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My awkward love connection (not with this woman)

It’s been a while since I’ve written and there are reasons for that, but I got contacted by someone who asked me for some sort of love connection that I have had. It could’ve been something. An awkward date, some kind of relationship thing who knows, there has been much love in my life. So, I’m going to pick one of my favorite stories and share with you it’s a combination of some college love and or lust and a great compliment by one of my professors.

The year doesn’t matter since I don’t want to out the person doesn’t even matter about college we were at although I will say that we were overseas I was probably 18 maybe 17 at the time and all of a sudden I’m surrounded by these beautiful freshman women alone at college and 3000 miles away from their home and country.

There was this one woman or a girl who there was definitely some sexual tension with and I did not know how to breach it. There really wasn’t anywere to go on a date except for the local fast food place plus I wasn’t sure what she wanted so I left it alone.

A few weeks later school started and we went into a class will not mention which one but it was a business class and the professor said that there were 20 people in the class and so he ordered 20 books from America and they were waiting for us in the bookstore.  What I did was I left the class early and hid every single book so that no one could buy them. The next day in class I announced to everybody that I had bought up all the books and that they were now double the price. Well, in order for the class to go on these people needed the book and so they were either going to have to pay my price or they were going to fail the class , so this girl complained to the teacher and said that this isn’t fair and tried to have him order me to return the books, however this was a business class and the professor basically said that I was a genius and he should probably give me an A right then and there for thinking about this and told her that yes the smart people might get a’s in the class but the people like me might get a C in the class because they were just too smart for school and it’s the people that Got Cs that would end up being successful.

Needless to say this girl did not back down and she announced to every male in the class that she would rather blow every single one of them rather than have any of them them give me the money for the book.

I don’t think anybody actually took it seriously but she was hot and she definitely was pissed off and I still to this day I don’t have any idea if she really would’ve done that or not, but later she had me in a corner and started yelling at me telling me that I should have a heart and I should return the books etc. etc. . The funny part was is I never actually bought them I just said I did, I wasn’t going to spend the money because I was not guaranteed that the professor wouldn’t order more books. 

Needless to say with her offer of oral sex on the table for I guess anybody but me and all I wanted to do was date her I just put on my best  Indiana Jones persona and just said to her “why don’t we just kiss right now and get it over with?”

Please remember this is over 20 years ago but if I remember correctly we did kiss and  it was one of the greatest that I ever had … and then I asked her if she would go out with me and she said yes. The stupid part though is that I decided to tell her the truth and tell her I didn’t really buy the books, but that I hid them. She was more upset with the fact that I lied about hiding the books than anything else and promptly canceled our date.

I felt heartbroken and a little stupid but I learned a lesson that day which was don’t lie to women. If they like you they like you and eventually things will work out but if you betray their trust then things don’t work out. I ran into her a few years, ago she still single I was still single but living on apposite coasts and totally different lives.

I always wondered what would’ve happened had we went on that date since there are people that I know from that year that are married with kids that met that year, but that’s life sometimes you don’t get to choose what you want and that’s when I started building my own code of ethics, which to this day has pretty much worked out.

Yes, I did up getting a B in that class and that I actually did become a little more successful than most of the people that Got As just like the professor said, but still she’s the one that got away, it was awkward yet hot as hell. The way things transpired by the end of the story sadly just didn’t work out. Ironically had I kept my mouth shut waited a day and just said I returned the books she probably wouldn’t of been mad and who knows what would’ve happened.

Well, that’s my story of my awkward love connection and hopefully anybody who reads this just learns to tell the truth. I didn’t hide the books so that I can go out with her I hid them so I could make some extra money, but she felt betrayed and once you feel that emotion that’s it, you’re burnt forever.

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My awkward love connection (not with this woman)

This in NOT the girl in this story this is. A visual representation

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