Outed as a cripple

Thoracic Outlet picture

It’s always fun to be in the news for something, when I was a child it was the local Jewish paper taking pictures of me at local Amish camp, which made no sense considering I was Jewish. 

As the years wore on in college I made the paper for going to some rallies and then in 2003 I hit it big with FreeKobe.com and the media literally knocking at my door. 

Many things have happened since then, I’ve been on many websites and in many newspapers, but the one from yesterday by Ratter gave me some satisfaction. Sure it was silly in nature, though serious in context, but the main thing was that I finally told people that I was disabled. 

Thoracic Outlet pictureThis is what a thoracic outlet looks like. (yes even a jewish one)

Most of my friends knew, but not to the extent. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is so rare that not many actually know about it. That’s why I’m happy that article came out. Not only did it add some spark to my existence, but maybe one person read it who decides to learn more and that is how it starts.

If anyone can cure my pain or cure other’s pain, based on a blog, the I say more power to them and I would like to be there to help as much as possible. 

Till tomorrow – Fat Jewish Guy

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