FitBit day one feel ripped off

fitbit scam

I was in Best Buy and decided to buy myself something called a fitbit one instead of something cooler than I would normally spend my money on.

There were many versions of fitness trackers lining the aisles of Best Buy, but since the fitbit seem to be sold out everywhere and they only had one left I decided that based on popularity it had to be the best, so I picked it up, paid my $90 for it and went home all excited that I have a new toy.

My excitement went to disappointment and then anger within five minutes of me arriving home due to the fact that what fitbit forgets to tell you is that it costs $50 a year to get all the cool features out of their device.

Had I gone with a product like the jawbone UP those features would have been free.

I said to myself, “it’s Saturday night and it’s getting late. Why don’t I just play with this thing since Best Buy has a 14 day return policy and we’ll see what happens?” So I set up the fit bit with my computer and phone and then strapped the fitbit on my shorts, then right before bed I took it out of the little plastic holster and put it in the wristband so that I could track my sleep.

When I woke up this morning it turns out that I had woken up 12 times during the night. Can I prove that? No, but according to the fitbit tracker that’s what happened. The truth of the matter is I did not feel well rested so maybe fitbit was accurate but who’s to tell?

As you can see by these pictures I haven’t been very active today, but then again it’s Sunday and 100° outside. I plan to give you updates as to how my days with the fitbit are going at least until I lose interest. It is also still possible that I might start wearing both the fitbit and the jawbone UP and give you an accurate comparison.

However no matter how well the fit it does in my testing, nothing will change the fact that they flat out ripped me off and that had I known that it was going to cost $50 a year I would not have bought it in the first place.

fitbit scam

FitBit Dashboard day one

fitbit benchmark

Looks like I’m doing really well

  • Yale Landsberg

    Just hoid that FitBit went publik. Oy! 🙂 So what do you think of our “FitBit timewhole” as found via Should we think of going pipik?

    Sei gesundt hite.

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