FitBit day 2

Hot Girl Working Out

Normally the first thing I do when I wake up is go to the bathroom, then make coffee. I’ve been doing that for at least 10 years and it seems to work for me or at least it isn’t hurting me, since I continue to do it.

With the introduction of the FitBit though, I have to remember to turn it off, take it out of the wristband, put it in the plastic clip and then clip it onto my waistband. While this takes about a minute, it does mess with my head a bit.

It also messes with my time in the bathroom, because I am nervously tapping my foot because I want to sync the fitbit so that I can see how well I slept. Ironically, by tapping my foot, I get an early jump on my numbers and so I start the day 50 points ahead.

Anyway, I no longer have just the fitbit as I also bought the Jawbone UP and the BodyMedia Link and will be comparing them for the next few weeks.

(Thanks to Best Buy’s return policy)

FitBit Dashboard

Looks like I did a bit better with fitbit

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