Dachshund back surgury

dachshund stitches

After my dachshund needed back surgery, I decided that it was time to start blogging again. Forget the fact that I’ve had a few minor procedures this year (or has it been longer?), but having a dachshund go through surgery and the days leading up to it deserve a post.

A little background.

Pretzel is the cutest dog in the world. Strangers in LA who have their own dogs stop me to tell me how cute pretzel is. (I even had one person ask me if I dye his ears) which is very LA and the answer is no, but i told them yes.

On Tuesday pretzel was on my bed and probably heard something like a dog or the UPS guy, so he bolted off the bed setting off a chain of events that would end up costing 10 thousand dollars and having me learn how to massage his penis.

You know what?

I’m too tired to finish this tonight as I am mentally exhausted from this past week and then seeing his scar today.

So I leave you with this picture and the image of me massaging him “down there” and promise to tell the rest of the story tomorrow while shorty watches the Oscars.

Here are a few pictures.

It’s good to be back.

dachshund back surgery crate recovery

Pretzel the dachshund is recovering in his crate on the first day out of the hospital.

dachshund stitches closeup

Pretzel the dachshund has these crazy stitches after his back surgery.

dachshund recovering from back surgery in a crate

Pretzel the dachshund doesn’t look too happy after coming home from the hospital two days after having back surgery.

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