Top 10 dirty things Siri will not do


Everyone is taking about Apple’s new Siri voice software and while the focus on the cool things that she (or it) can do, no one has yet talked about the things that Siri will not do and since we had the chance to play with the new iPhone 4S, we had the chance to push Siri to the limit and see if this magical assistant will fulfill out needs and desires.

10) Siri will not tell you that you look fat in those jeans, in fact, if you ask Siri how you look in jeans, it will pull up a google page with all the therapists in your area.

9) Siri will not swallow.

8) Siri will not understand the math behind the 9-9-9 plan.

7) Siri will not tell you that your boyfriend is gay, Siri thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to wear a V-Neck.

6) Siri will not give you cash for gold.

5) Siri will not tell you that she loves you, that app costs money and is a monthly subscription with a 50% cancellation fee.

4) Siri does not have anal sex. *(only after you sign up for number 5 and still you get one try)

3) If you ask what Steve Jobs has actually invented, Siri will not answer.

2) No matter how hard you try, Siri will not know how to use Yahoo.

1) No matter how much you try, Siri cannot get those mother fucking planes of the mother fucking plane.

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