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Steve Jobs Tribute

My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer November 2000.

It was a sad death, made all the more painful because it was sudden.

The doctors had no idea what was happening till the end and all my grandfather had was a short period of time before the morphine kicked in to say some short goodbyes and then slip off to another place while we sat by his hospital bed.

Death does not discriminate, Steve Jobs was able to delay it for a few years with liver transplants and some of the best medical care known to man, ultimately though it is a battle that he lost though he fought it valiantly and died with dignity and the privacy that he so greatly wished for.

This past week I was asked by my mother, “how dare you make a joke about Steve Jobs?”

What I had said was that “Steve Jobs didn’t invent dying, he just made it magical”

Jobs would have been the first person to admit that what he did wasn’t original, in fact I had an AT&T windows HTC smartphone years before the iphone came out, true no one lusted after that big grey brick, but it was a very useful big grey brick at that.

My point is that Jobs’ life needs to be celebrated as a man who had a vision and followed through on that vision, not necessarily as a person who had an original thought, but like all successful people he surrounded himself with people who understood what he wanted and could make that happen.

My grandfather used to say that there are two types of people in this world, the ones that know how and the ones that know why and that the ones who know how will always work for the ones who know why.

One needs to look no further than Steve Jobs to understand that the statement holds true even today.

There is nothing funny about this post, it wasn’t meant to be, but Steve Jobs’ death has made me reevaluate what is important and following what I love now gets launched to the top of the to do list.

What I love is writing and making people laugh, not dealing with idiots who think they know why.

I know why and I happen to know how, so lets live this crazy life to the fullest and see where it goes.

Rest in peace.

Steve Jobs Tribute

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