SmokeStik or Ipad

It’s 5am, the goddesses are asleep, my tiger blood is cold and my arm hurts.

Yes, the same hand that my Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery tried to fix a few years ago, still causes me great pain, but there are two things in my life that can reduce that pain, an Ipad and a SmokeStik so, being that it is late, I decided to compare the two and see who wins for the title of Ultimate Winner.

Let’s introduce the candidates.


A smokestik is an electronic cigarette that is marketed as a “Nicotine Delivery System. It is basically a battery powered happy machine, since when I puff on it I get a nice nicotine buzz and it makes me happy for a few minutes almost as if I were smoking the real thing.


An ipad is a giant iphone that allows me to look at pictures of hot girls in an ergonomic way.

The challenge:

Decide what I like better, a SmokeStik electric cigarette or an Ipad.


I get a call from my mother telling me she is sick and that I have to come home for a few days to take care of her.

SmokeStik – I get to take a few puffs and relax as I deal with the airlines and travel arrangements.

Ipad – Since there is no flash, I cannot book the flight I want.

Winner – SmokeStik


Charlie Sheen calls me up and tells me he has a new Goddess and check her out.

SmokeStik– doesn’t really help

Ipad – let’s me see the girl on Daily Tush but cannot download an app for her, because Apple doesn’t allow “Adult Themes”

Winner – Ipad

As you can see, this blog post clearly makes no sense.

Comparing a SmokeStik to an Ipad is as retarded as saying that Charlie Sheen can’t do his job because he likes Hookers and Coke, but I needed to fill up some space and had nothing to write about.

So, in reality, this is a commentary on the state of 24 hour news networks.

I really can imagine Fox News running a story that says, “Charlie Sheen using a SmokeStik, but should he buy an Ipad?”

The answer is no.

Wait for the Ipad 3.


SmokeStik Electric Cigarettes

SmokeStik Electric Cigarettes

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