5 Things Kim Kardashian can do to shock us

It is supposed to snow in Los Angeles this weekend which got me thinking about what other things could happen which were out of the ordinary. Yes Muammar Gaddafi could show up at the Oscars to go a dance routine with Anne Hathaway, but we would expect that in Hollywood and too predictable, also Gaddafi is not hot. So, here is a list of 5 things Kim Kardashian would do that could shock America. (in reverse order)

5) Kim could announce on her twitter page that she just read War and Peace cover to cover without once asking someone what any of the words meant.

4) Kim could finally announce that Chloe happened because her mother smoked cigarettes while pregnant.

3) She could announce that it was her father Robert Kardashian that killed Nicole Brown Simpson after he found out that she smoked while pregnant with their love child Chloe.

2) That the Kardashian clothing line Dash was being made in AMerica by union workers making 10 dollars an hour.

The number one thing Kim Kardashian can do to shock us is…. Date a Jew.

Kim, let’s go out.

I’ll buy you a Knish.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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