Rent Food Broke

Rent Food Broke

What a true statement, I guess if you are a college student after you finish paying for all those things, you probably don’t have any money left for anything else. (unless you are a hot college girl, but we will get to that soon)

Last week I had 4 root canals on the same tooth , for a surprise bill of $1,100 and today when chewing gum, I felt my other tooth tingle which means that I probably have a cavity and g-d knows how much that will cost.

So, I was thinking of ways to make money, and obviously the “adult industry” was the first thing that entered my head.

I mean think about it, I go out every night with the girls, have random sex with strangers and then write about it the next day on in my column.

Why shouldn’t I get paid for it?

Seriously, take my friend Samantha, who is like the biggest slut on the planet, if every guy that she hooked up with gave her money, she could buy her own manolo blankie shoes, and don’t get me started about Miranda, she is a hot brunette who had to settle for some bald Jewish guy, don’t tell me that she isn’t doing “adult movies” with him in their bedroom.

Imagine the conversations we could have at Cafeteria if the three of us shot a movie together? (yeah there is a forth, but shes a lesbian who is into heavy bondage)

But, enough about my life “in the city” , the ironic thing is that even though I live in the Valley, not one person has approached me to be in a college girl video,  seriously I might be open to it.

Rent Food Broke.

Maybe that should be changed to:

Rent Food Teeth Broke?

Anyway, since I can’t shake my money maker to come up with 1,00 dollars, at least you can go see pictures of Hot College Girls who obviously needed money over at Daily Tush.

Check out this girl for example, her name is Chrissa Carolyn and she will be featured in Playboy next week, as a hot girl of the PAC 10.

Chrissa Carolyn, goes to Arizona State University, and we can pretty much bet, that she has no problem paying rent.

Check her out at !

Chrissa Carolyn

Chrissa Carolyn Pictures

Hopefully, her career as a Tempe12 girl works out for her, or she might end up doing what this girl is doing, which doesn’t look as glamorous.

Rent Food Broke Hot College Girl Pictures

Rent Food Broke

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