Boardwalk Empire makes me want to smoke

I had been waiting for weeks for the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire to start.

The TIVO was set, I blocked off an hour and me and Shorty sat in front of the TV ready to watch something that didn’t have to do with wedding dresses, top models, or cooking shows.

I was excited.

Then it happened, the first shot of Boardwalk Empire, made me shake like a heroin addict.

It was so romantic, the way he tapped his cigarette against the case, put it to his pursed lips, struck the match and then inhaled.

I almost knocked Shorty over as I ran upstairs and grabbed my trusty SmokeStik.

I honestly wasn’t even going to write about SmokeStik tonight, I had planned to talk some more about how hot Chrissa Carolyn was, but after sucking on an electric cigarette for an hour I feel that this is a subject that needs to be addressed.

Throughout episode, everyone was smoking and it looked awesome.

I want to kill people, have sex with hot girls who call me cowboy and be rich.

More than all that though, I want to do all of that while smoking.

Not one character coughed as they lit up their smokes.

It all looked so good, so real, so sexy.


So, I got the next best thing, the electric version.

Next week, when I turn on HBO, I will be ready with my SmokeStik full of nicotine and ready to go and hopefully I won’t start a bootlegging operation in the meantime.

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