Is Cheryl Burke Jewish?

I’m not one to watch Dancing with the Stars, especially since I already danced with a star who was on that show.

You don’t remember, really?

Me cutting a rug in Vegas with uber shiksa hottie Stacy Keibler?

Well, I remember, and I’m not saying anything happened, but if it did, I can’t talk about it due to the Vegas code of, “what you imagine happened in Vegas stays in your head'”

Anyway, as I was reading the news today, I saw that Bristol Palin was going to be on dancing with the stars.

First of all, I’m not exactly sure how something that ugly came out of something so perfect as Sarah Palin’s Vagina, but who knows maybe Cheryl Burke will whip her into shape.

You impressed I know who Cheryl Burke is?

Well, I looked her up and it hit me.

Cheryl Burke looks Jewish.

Not just any Jewish, but maybe like a Persian Jew, kind of like Paula Abdul.

Look at this picture of Cheryl Burke from her twitter page and you tell me.

Cheryl Burke

She even looks like she could play the part of Queen Esther in “Purim the Musical”

Anyway, I was stalking Cheryl Burke’s twitter page, and saw that she recently had her house redone by some company called KCS Design, and since I am a stalker, I went to their website.

First of all, how surprised was I when I saw that theĀ  KCS Design website was designed by our friends at Romadel.

But as I flipped through their website, I saw that they offered interior design services, which I had just done at Shorty’s house.

As I looked at their portfolio I saw a picture of this bed and I had an Epiphany.

KCS DesignI know what your thinking, I thought that this was a cool looking bed.

I do, but my Epiphany was that our housekeeper is coming at 830am which means I can’t sleep late.

So, I am cutting out early, taking a cold shower, smoking my SmokeStik and will be dreaming of what could have been with me and Stacy Keibler,

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