Glenn Beck will Start the Holocaust

Let me start by saying that I like Glenn Beck.

I actually watch him almost every day and think that most of the time he makes sense on some of the things that he says.

If that is hard to understand, being that I am not a moron, I don’t believe his stupid mumbo jumbo about re-founding, and all the communist stuff he says, butI do think that some things he points out are common sense, and that yes, Obama is moving our country to the left and not really caring about what the public has to say about it.

I don’t like manipulation.

I also don’t like it when people take advantage of retarded kids. (and Liver)

You see, I used to work with retarded children and I saw first hand how easy it was to manipulate them.

For instance, there was this one autistic kid who the staff had taught that when we said “F@ck” he said, “You.”

It was actually kind of funny in retrospect, seeing a 6 foot tall mute autistic kid who could not speak one word except for the word, You (being triggered by the word “F@ck”), but that is how you take advantage of the retarded, I witnessed this first hand, and today when watching the Glenn Beck program from my bed (since I am dying from AIDS or just have the flu) I saw something that disturbed me.

Beck started talking about something called “Net Neutrality” and he misrepresented the truth big time.

You see, Net Neutrality is a simple concept.

Let’s say that my mom has Time Warner High Speed Internet at home.

Now, Time Warner owns AOL which is a website that competes with google.

So, the principals of net neutrality would say that Time Warner cannot slow down your connection to google’s website.

That’s all.

It makes sense.

Glenn Beck was arguing that the internet was a very neutral place right now and that congress was trying to regulate it.

He looked right into the camera and asked his audience to tell congress that the internet is neutral and to please butt out of our lives, by doing this he basically is manipulating the retarded people who do not know any better to think that congress is trying to take away our internet.

Yeah, his cronies at Fox News (which I watch) are laughing at him, just like I laughed at my colleagues who messed with the autistic children, but in reality it isn’t funny.

Here is the problem.

People are inherently retarded. (see video below)

These guys went out and bought an ipad on Saturday and then smashed it with a baseball bat.

The fact that they did this is retarded.

The fact that 500,000 people have watched this video is even worse.

Anyway, how is this all relating to Glenn Beck and the impending Holocaust?

I have always said that I am not scared of Obama.

I don’t like him necessarily, but I’m not scared of him.

He’s harmless.

Sure, we may get health care and some higher taxes, but it’s all cyclical in nature.

The problem is not Obama, but what comes after Obama.

The retarded people are so stirred up that they will vote for any moron who promises them “Change”

Unfortunately after having a black president, the only change the next populist can offer is getting rid of the Jews. (and the blacks)

That’s the issue.

Obama has played right into the trap with this health care debate.

He is on record saying that since he has a majority in congress he can do what he wants and if the American people don’t like it, then that is what elections are for.

What will happen when they elect the next Hitler and they pass the law requiring Jews to wear Yellow Stars again? (hopefully made out of marshmallow Peeps because they are delicious)

The new American Hitler would be more than justified saying that since the new Nazi Party has a majority in congress he can pass this vote using reconciliation and if the public doesn’t like it then they can vote the Nazi’s out in the new midterm elections.

The problem is that the health care that the Nazi’s want involves Gas chambers and by the time November rolls around there are no more Jews to vote.

So, Glenn Beck needs to be careful, all this rabble rousing he is stirring up is just going to lead to my people being killed again.

Is that what he wants?

Is that Glenn Beck’s secret agenda?

Think about it.

There are 4 letters in Beck and 4 letters in Nazi. (also in PeeP)

Beck is a German beer.

Beer has 4 letters just like Nazi. (also Nazi’s are German)

As a last thought, if in fact Jews are forced to wear Yellow Stars made out of marshmallow Peeps they would have to somehow prohibit the eating of those Peeps.

Is Glenn Beck working on that secret non-edible Peep recipe?

Finally, normally Glen is spelled with one N, however Glenn Beck spells his with 2.

You know why?

Cause Glen with one N has 4 letters, just like Nazi.

With 5 letters Glenn has the same letters as Obama.

Did I just blow your mind?

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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