Obama needs to pardon Bernie Madoff

Now that health care reform passed, America needs Bernie Madoff out of Jail.

I would like to first state that as a non politician and a Fat Jewish Guy, I have no business debating health care.

No matter what side of the debate you are on, I did manage to find something very very screwy with the American Health Care system that believe it or not only Bernie Madoff can help with.

Personally, I think that health care reform did not go far enough.

I believe that if you are going to do it, then do it all the way, however, that means paying high taxes and America is not ready for this.

Since American’s aren’t, then I think the Republican’s were right in opposing the bill as it really was a kind of lame reform law.

Let me give you an 100 percent real example of something that just happened to me and you will see why Washington’s math is just plain wrong.

In December I went for shoulder surgery.

Recently I received a bill from the surgeon for $6,000.0 and the insurance company paid him the negotiated rate of $1000.00.

(let’s forget for a minute that the anesthesiologist charged me 2,700.00 and accepted 1,800.00 in payment.)

Also, the “facility” charged me 31,600 dollars for the surgery which was denied by my insurance company. (when I asked the doctor on Friday If I have to pay this, he said, “don’t worry about it, we just have to do this, you are not responsible.”

Here is where we need Madoff to explain this to me.

The Argument in Washington is that uninsured people cost hospital’s millions of dollars in unpaid bills, thus raising the rates of people who are insured.

But as I just proved, that is not true.

Here is an example.

If Joe the poor immigrant walks into the hospital needing shoulder surgery the hospital bills him 6,000 for “doctor fees.”

When Joe does not pay this fee, the hospital says that they lost 6,000 dollars.

The only problem is that if Joe had insurance, the hospital would only have charged him 1,000 dollars.

Logic would dictate that hospitals are showing inflated losses on the books, thus raising our insurance rates for no reason.

In the above example, as soon as everyone has insurance, the hospital’s “losses” will be cut by over 80% (from 6,000 to 1000) because they will never be able to charge 6000 dollars again for shoulder surgery.

Is this a ponzi scheme?

Sounds like it.

That’s why we need Madoff.

Here is an even better example.

My surgery center charged me a 31,600 “facility fee.”

We have already established that I will never pay this fee. (legitimately, the doctor confirmed that I am not responsible for this)

So, knowing that my surgeon performs surgery on Mon, Wed and Friday at this center and knowing that at least 3 surgeries get performed each day there. (obviously more but lets just say 3 a day 3 times a week) that means that this surgery center is declaring a 14 million dollar loss on their books.

Think about it.

14 million dollars of fake losses.

That is just one surgery center.

Imagine there are 10 surgery centers / hospitals in America doing this.

That is 73 BILLION dollars in fake health care costs.


That’s right.

I Fat Jewish Guy just uncovered a 73 billion dollar fraud.

I want my finder fee.

Now, let’s pardon Bernie Madoff like I said so that he can find us the rest of the money.

(I am not accusing my surgeon of any wrong doing. He is a good surgeon and I do not think for one minute that he is personally submitting a bill to the insurance company for anything. Also, if I am wrong with my math and there is a good explanation for what hospitals are doing, I would love to know)

Bernie Madoff

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