Is Didi Benami Jewish

People are asking me if American Hottie Didi Benami is Jewish.

The answer is yes.

You see, in Hebrew Ben means son and Ami means nation.

So, Ben Ami literally means that her mother was a slut.

I mean, if you need to name someone after the fact that you don’t know who their father was, then it probably says something about your sexual habits?

But, I am not one to judge.

Mrs. Benami (didi’s mom, turned me down) years ago while we were at summer camp, so I know for a fact that she is not my daughter.

However, I can say that little known fact, Didi’s name is not Didi.

It is Vered.

Vered in Hebrew means Rose.

Not saying there is a conspiracy going on, but I have a feeling that Vered BenAmi would never win American Idol.

In fact, she would probably be confused for Taliban.

Didi sounds cuter.

So yes, DiDi Benami is Jewish. (and her mom is easy)

Enjoy these Didi BenAmi Pictures.

Didi BenAmi American Idol

Didi BenAmi Pictures

Didi BenAmi Pictures

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  • Mrs. Kravitz

    Wow. I really hope you’re joking. Well, maybe you’re joking about dating Mrs. BenAmi, but I hope you’re joking about your explanation of Didi’s name, because you’re so far off, you’re in a different time zone. Across the Internation Date Line.

    BenAmi – used together, spelled in Hebrew either with a hyphen or as two separate words, but always used together – is a very common Israeli surname in modern Hebrew. It means exactly what you said – son of my people – but the context you explained is completely incorrect and I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. That’s the part I hope you’re joking about.

    Ben Ami was chosen as a surname by many families who came from elsewhere, as a symbol of proud Zionism and to mark their determination to live in the Zionist homeland and leave the signs of the Diaspora behind.

    Didi carries her father’s surname, and he is Israeli. But her mother is from Tennessee, and I believe I read somewhere that Didi used to sing in church when she was younger, so it seems her mother is not Jewish and apparently also did not convert, since it seems they continued to go to church. That would mean that Didi is not Jewish, because in Judaism, the religion is passed through the matriarchal line. You can be born Jewish only if you have a Jewish mother. A child of a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father is Jewish, but a child of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother – like Didi – is not.

    She has a lovely voice though. If that’s old fashioned – as that idiot on American Idol opined – then I’m glad I’m old fashioned too. I hope she has a successful career.

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