Why Alan Dershowitz is Brilliant

I’m sure Alan Dershowitz knows the definition of Judo.

I think that Judo is defined as using one’s strength against them.

So, imagine the sense of pride I felt when I read Dershowitz’s article about the alleged Mossad assassination attempt in Dubai.

Of course it had the usual legal wrangling but it also had a cool argument.

“The Goldstone report suggests that Israel cannot lawfully fight Hamas rockets by wholesale air attacks. Richard Goldstone, in his interviews, has suggested that Israel should protect itself from these unlawful attacks by more proportionate retail measures, such as commando raids and targeted killing of terrorists engaged in the firing of rockets. Well, there could be no better example of a proportionate, retail and focused attack on a combatant who was deeply involved in the rocket attacks on Israel, than the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Not only was Mabhouh the commander in charge of Hamas’ unlawful military actions at the time of his death, he was also personally responsible for the kidnapping and coldblooded murder of two Israeli soldiers several years earlier.”

You know what Alan Dershowitz was actually trying to say?

F@CK YOU Goldstone report!

I agree.

To read the whole article go here:


Alan Dershowitz

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