Screw You Samsung and Sprint

Dear Sprint and Samsung,

First the good news.

I love the Samsung Moment.

It’s actually the best phone I have ever owned.

I can hear on it, I love web browsing on it, and the features are cool.

My friend happens to disagree though.

Let me explain.

Today I was working on something when I had to ask someone a question.

So, I did what I normally do, sent them an email and waited.

After not hearing back, I saw that they were on gchat, so I asked them the standard, “you there?”

They didn’t write back, and after 3 hours I started to get really upset.

I mean, here I was trying to do work for them and they didn’t have the decency to answer me.

Who did they think they were?

I waited some more and then sent them the following email.

“Dude –

I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours waiting for you to respond via email or chat to a question I had for xxxxxxxxx. (name redacted) You gotta get back to me when I ask you sh1t because you logjam me sometimes.”

I guess I felt better and still couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard back, when an hour later I received this email:

“You know what is to blame for this… THAT F@CKING SAMSUNG MOMENT!Oh god… nothing but trouble today. Emails taking hours to get to me. 5 hours where I’d call someone and get nothing but “hello…hello? xxxxxxx? I can’t hear you? If you can hear me there’s something wrong with your phone…But I will call you in 30 mins on drive home as I think it’s temporarily fixed. F this thing though!!”

I felt kind of crappy because I had talked up the phone so much that my friend had extended his Sprint contract and now he couldn’t get emails and I couldn’t do my work.

Finally, to make matters worse, Sprint announced today that they are not releasing the software update for the phone till the second quarter.

You know what?

What if I decide not to pay my bill till the second quarter?

Why should I have to suffer with an old phone?

I bought this phone based on the promise that I was going to have the android 2.1 software running on it.

But, I guess Sprint doesn’t care about having the newest phones and I guess Samsung is focused on their Bada phones and not Android. (which I like)

(note to google, I cannot even use your “buzz” on this phone)

Anyway, that was my day.

It started off good.

I lost 12 pounds.

Yup, the stupid pills are working!

Also, it ended good too.

With ice cream!

I also learned a fun fact.

Did you know there are 15,000 homeless children in Los Angeles?

I didn’t either, but at least now I know where all those pornstars come from.

Samsung Moment

Samsung moment

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