Mom How Could You

Yes, I am 32 years old and mad at my mother.

Friday night I decided that since it was going to rain this weekend I was going to make some cholent.

For those of you who don’t know what cholent is, it is a cross between stew, chili and kaopectate.

I went to the market and got my beans, black-eyed peas, potatoes, eggs, onion and meat.

Funny story about the meat.

I decided that one pound was too much, but two pounds was too many.

So, I bought two pounds and decided to use a pound and a half. (and then use a half a pound for soup.)

I got home and started to make my meal.

After combining all of the ingredients I sat down to watch the movie The Hurt Locker and boy was I surprised.

First of all, this movie had nothing to do with Time travel.

I am not sure why, but I thought that The Hurt Locker was about a time traveling locker that brought it’s inhibitors some sort of emotional pain.

It turns out that it was a movie about the Iraq war, but it was very well done and even though I was a bit disappointed it still was worth watching.

Anyway, many hours later, I decided to sample my creation.

It was raining outside, I was cold and the thought of eating cholent was starting to bring back childhood memories.

Let me start by saying this.

We were not poor growing up.

In fact, we were probably upper middle class if not “rich.”

Everything and anything I ever wanted as a child I got.

Not only that, but I got cool stuff that other people had to wait for.

Like when Super Mario Brothers 2 came out, my grandfather paid some guy to wait outside of Kiddie City (a Philly thing) to be the first in line to buy it for us.

Now, I am not saying this to brag.

I am saying this to set the scene for the disturbing fact that I am about to tell you.

You see, what should have been a nice memory of me eating cholent with my family on Shabbat ended up with my remembering my mom yelling at me,

“David, do you have to eat all the meat?”

“You aren’t the only person here David, save some meat for other people”

“I gave you meat David, eat some beans.”

You know what?

Now that I am older, I want to know something mom.

“Why the f@ck didn’t you buy more meat? ”

Seriously.. we had a pool.

We used to go to Disney World.

Grandpa had a place in Atlantic City.

You couldn’t splurge on another half a pound of stew meat?


And believe me, for anyone who is reading this and saying to themselves that I am being unfair and that my mother obviously knew what she was doing, the answer is no she didn’t.

People at Auschwitz got more meat than we did.

Ask my brothers.

You didn’t think I would find out that beef costs 4 bucks a pound?

And you wonder why I live in California.

So, I ask you again.

How Could You?


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