Hottest Guy On Buzz (David Feingold)

It’s weird.

Growing up, I was not considered attractive.

My mother called me handsome, but you know that was my mom, she had to say that.

So, imagine my surprise when I was contact today by the voices in my head and they told me that I, David Feingold was named the Hottest Guy on Buzz!

What is Buzz you ask?

Well, it’s supposed to be the next twitter, which was the next facebook, which was the next myspace which was the next friendster which was the next place to try and hook up with random chicks.

Anyway, you can check out the “Buzz” here:

Back to me.

So, as everyone knows, I was named the Hottest Guy on Facebook in 2009 and then only a few months later the Hottest Guy on Twitter.

It is an honor beating out all these social media heavyweights for these titles, but you know what?

I deserve it.

I am hot damn it.


I mean Fat.

Ok, scratch that.

Maybe they made a mistake, but as we all know Google doesn’t make mistakes, so the fact that they named me the Hottest guy on their new social network actually means something.

So, to some up:

Hottest Guy on Buzz

David Feingold is the Hottest Guy on Buzz

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