Patti Stanger on Oprah

As I was shoveling some pasta and red sauce in my face while walking through the living room Shorty stopped me.

“Want to watch some TV” She asked, and before I could reply yes or no, she said with excitement that, “this was when the drama happened.”

I looked confused as I was trying to avoid spilling on the floor and asked her what she meant.

Shorty then told me that apparently in Bachelor history there has never been a situation where a girl has hooked up with a camera man and she was now about to be bounced off the show.

Wow, she was right, this was drama.

So, since I like to be well informed, I wanted to make sure I got this story straight.

The Bachelor is a show that packs hot girls into a house.


These same hot girls are all single?


There is alcohol involved?


All these girls are trying to date one guy?

You got it.

So…why was anyone shocked that some blonde model chick hooked up with a camera guy?

Shorty was way to into the show to actually answer any of my questions, but I was able to pry her attention away from the TV by asking her another stupid girl related question.

Isn’t Patti’s show starting soon I asked?

Shorty jumped up and grabbed the computer and then grabbed the remote to set the Tivo.

Then she told me that Patti Stanger was going to be on Oprah this Thursday.

Now, I personally will not watch, but I am sure that Shorty and all those other girls will.

Now, watch this video and you tell me if I am not better than Oprah?

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