Are you a Leno or an O’brien

This whole Tonight Show thing while definitely entertaining has made me think a little bit.

No, I haven’t been thinking about the fact that maybe I, David Feingold should have been named the host of the tonight show.

My thoughts are more complex.

I am trying to understand what I would do if I were either Jay Leno or Conan O’brien in this situation.

See, what is happening in this new “Late Night” wars is purely about ego and nothing to do with money.

Let me explain.

Both Conan O’brien and Jay Leno have guaranteed contracts, yet they are complaining about their time slots.

Let’s look at Conan first.

Conan used to have a show at 12:30, then he was promised the Tonight Show and given a ton of money to do it.

Conan moved from New York to LA and started doing his show 7 months ago.

For whatever reason the ratings didn’t happen and the networks decided that instead of firing him (which is what normally happens when people don’t produce) they decided to move him to a different time slot while still paying him the same money that he would have made at 11:30.

So, why is Conan upset?

He told NBC today that he would not accept the move.

Excuse me?

I could understand if he said that NBC wants to pay him less money and that he doesn’t want to do that, but if they are paying him the same amount then what is the difference?

Personally it’s all a bunch of ego.

Not sure if anyone remembers this, but a few years back radio personalities Opie and Anthony were fired from their radio show after a stunt they pulled.

The company that owned their contracts paid them every single penny they were owed, however they had to stay off the radio until the contract was over.

Now, everyone has a price.

Even me.

I would like to state this for the record.

If someone gave me the 50 million dollar contract that Leno got and then told me the next day that they were canceling my show yet were still going to pay me then guess what?

You would never hear from me again.

Not only that, I would take a million bucks and get plastic surgery so no one would even recognize me.

More then that.

For 50 million bucks I would move to Canada and never use the internet again.

For 50 million bucks I would also give up eating Skittles.

Ok, maybe I wouldn’t do that, but you get my drift.

Leno and O’brien need to shut up and accept the fact that they work for other people.

They do not own NBC and NBC can decide to do what it wants so long as they honor the contract.

That is my thoughts on this.

I am probably wrong, but what do I know?

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