Ulnar Nerve Surgery Update (Mr. Happy Crack Edition)

It’s been a while since I wrote and that is my fault.

During this time I have eaten more turkey than an Ethiopian will ever eat in their life, ridden about 20 miles on a bike (not all at once) and discovered where to buy the mythical Jello Pudding Pop.

I was eating some chicken earlier today when my phone vibrated.

That was normal, but what was strange was the fact that it was one of the email accounts that I barely ever get mail to.

“I have not been able to find any other comments that you have posted about your recovery etc.Have you recovered nicely and are you glad you had the surgery?  I am going to have the surgery very soon. Worried about recovery and thinking I should wait until after the 1st of the year.  I worry about the fact that I have very bad shoulder pain too and was told that it is the ulnar nerve.  After reading your comments, I’m concerned since your docs said that it is not related.  What is going on with that?Please let me know if you have a chance or direct me to where you have posted further regarding all this.”

Well, I am very glad that I have fans who care about me and also share my same issues.

So, since I do not want to disappoint the public, I will now give a quick Ulnar Nerve Surgery Update!

As anyone who has been reading knows, last year I had surgery on my Ulnar Nerve.

That is just fancy terminology for moving my funny bone.

Well, the first surgery did not go to well and I got a second one.

After the cast came off the second time, I still could not feel my fingers.

The doctor told me that the nerve needs one millimeter a month to start connecting again and since I have long arms it will take about 75 years before I can feel my fingers completely.

In addition I needed to get surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff and we all know what happened there.

However, I finally found a good shoulder doctor in Los Angeles and he recommended that I go to rehab before my surgery so that I would strengthen my shoulder and thus recover better.

So, I went, did my stretches, lifted my weights and talked to old people.

Guess what?

My shoulder did not feel better, but I could feel my fingers again!

Yup, for the first time since my fingers went numb I would finally feel them without the familiar tingle, however, I was still in horrible pain in my shoulder.

Ironically I have a doctor appointment today at 11am for what they call a “pre-op” (please do not rob my house at 11am) so I will update you more when I know exactly what this new surgery entails.

Finally, I got another fan email the other day.

“I’m a huge fan of your site and would like to send you a limited edition and oh-so desirable Mr. Happy Crack (“A dry crack is a happy crack!”) t shirt.
Does FJG have a mailing address?
The Crack Team

Hmmmm… I do have a home address, but do I really want to give it to Mr. Happy Crack? (maybe they want to rob me at 11am?)

I will say though that I looked at their website and besides Obama’s Chocolate Nuts they have the second best marketing gimmick ever.

Mr Happy Crack

Mr Happy Crack

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