Skinny Jeans Workout

I’m not sure that I will ever understand women.

Let me explain.

This past year, I put on about 20 pounds.

Not so much because I changed my eating habits, but since I quit smoking and also was immobile due to injury I packed on the weight.

Now, when you put on 20 pounds you need to buy some new clothes.

In the past few weeks, I have been heading out and buying new shirts and sweatshirts to cover the belly that has now grown into a bit more than a baby bump.

When I get home and take the shirts out of the bag, I put them in my closet.

When I try on and old shirt and it doesn’t fit, I throw it out.

My point is that I don’t save it.

Maybe I lose weight, maybe I don’t, but if I do, you can be sure that I will go out and buy myself a new shirt.

Now, I was cruising facebook to find some Hot Jewish Girls and I came across this nice looking lady named Lisa G.

I sent her a message asking her if she wanted to be on the website and added her as a friend.

Today she accepted and when I saw her status, I had to click on it.


I don’t get it.

Why are girls trying to fit in their old jeans?

Look, we all know that you don’t gain weight over night.

It takes time to put on enough weight that would make you not fit in your jeans.

You do not go shopping at Fred Segal Fun on Monday and then Wednesday decide to go on a diet because you are to fat for your jeans.

This takes time.

Enough time for at least one season of fashion to go buy.

Now, any girl who cares that much about her figure to try and fit in her “skinny jeans” would probably want to buy new jeans since her old ones are out of style.

Imagine if I had saved my Z Cavaricci pants (assume that French rolls were still in vogue), then I could do the Skinny Jeans Workout and fit right back into the eighties.

Girls, are you trying to fit back into your Calvins?

Guess what?

They are a bit out of style.

Now i am curious.

I really want to try this Skinny Jeans Workout.

I am offering Lisa G a challenge.

If she sends me the dvd, I will do her Skinny Jeans Workout every day for 60 days.

If I lose weight, I will find a pair of either Z Cavaricci or Bugle Boy Jeans and get pictures taken of me with spiked hair wearing them.

If I don’t, then Lisa G. has to go on

The challenge has been set.

Skinny Jeans Workout

Is this what the Skinny Jeans Workout does?

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