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Yeah The Holly Sampson Pictures are hot, but that is not the point.

Out of the 10 or so girls that Tiger Woods is allegedly supposed to have slept with, I actually think that Holly Sampson is probably one of the least attractive ones.

Anyway, this whole Tiger Woods situation is just really messed up.

Here is the real truth about the situation that no one is telling you.

Yes, it is messed up that Tiger Woods cheated.

His wife did not deserve to be humiliated and betrayed in such a public way.

In fact, had Tiger Woods not been married, no one would care about how many women he slept with.

Look at Derek Jeter for example.

Jeter is admired for the amount and the caliber of women that he has bedded.

The issue as far as I see it is that Tiger Woods thought that he had to be married in order to help his image.

One of his alleged mistresses states that Tiger told her that his marriage was a sham.

If that is the case, then the question once again is, why did he feel that?

See, in America it’s not enough that you are the greatest golfer in the world, you need to sell the public an image.

Instead of being another really talented black athlete who went through women like he does gold balls, Tiger Woods decided that he would brand himself as a family man.

Because of that decision, Tiger Woods made a billion dollars and not a mere few hundred million.

Regardless, the bigger they are the harder they fall and watching Tiger Woods fall is actually kind of fun.

Holly Sampson is just the latest in the line of bimbos to come out against him and when the rest do, we will have their pictures as well!

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FriarsRoadPetHospital.com has uncensored galleries of Holly Sampson. (friarsroadpethospital.com/picture-galleries/holly-sampson/)

Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson

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