Coracoid Impingement Surgery

Last time, I wrote that I was scared of an Interscalene block.

That was before I went to the doctor and had my surgery

Now that I feel better, let me tell you what happened.

I went early, 545am to the surgery center and low and behold, there were no salesman waiting there for me.

Just a really hot almost 6 ft tall blonde girl dressed in scrubs.

She took me in the back and told me to get undressed, put on a gown and a cap and to meet her in the hallway.

I went in the bathroom, did as she was told, but stuffed a potato in my underwear just in case she was interested.

Quite nervous, I was told to get into a bed where they put in an IV and gave me some drugs.

I mean, I was almost ready to jump off the table again, but they were so nice and I was trying to show off for that hottie nurse.

Anyway, the anesthesiologist shows up and I tell him my fear of being awake during surgery

He tells me not to worry and starts injecting stuff into my IV.

It was awesome.

I woke up at some point and guess what?

The doctor had performed my coracoid impingement surgery!

Not only that but there was lipstick on my potato! (thanks hottie blonde nurse)

Anyway, I got home and for the first 12 hours I couldn’t feel my arm due to the nerve block.

Once the block wore off, I could definitely understand why people say that coracoid impingement surgery is painful.

Took some painkillers all week and here I am.

Ready to rock and roll with new blog posts!

Hot Blonde Nurse

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