What is an Amuse Bouche

Nigga, you at McDonalds!

That was the punchline to the joke I wrote about Amuse Bouche’s.

Let me explain.

As a 31 year old straight man, I should not have any idea what an Amuse Bouche is.

In fact, the only reason I know is because Shorty watches Top Chef of TV.

They keep saying things like, “I made an apricot mushroom Amuse Bouche,” and they assume that the viewer at home knows what that is.

Well, now I know what an amuse-bouche is and guess what it means?

Amuse Bouche means appetizer in French.

It literally translates into Make my Mouth Happy, kind of like Twizzlers.

Now, I have no idea why the people on Top Chef can’t say they made an appetizer, but I guess it’s fancier this way.

So, back to my joke.

I wanted the joke to be something like this.

“Was watching Top Chef the other day and wow, they use some fancy words on that show. Words that the every day man should never have to use. Yesterday this guy came into my restaurant and said he wanted an amuse-bouche. I looked at him and was like, “Nigga, you at McDonalds!”

It’s a great joke, one that will never see the light of day.

I could never get away with saying that.

Maybe Wanda Sykes wants it?

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

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