Obama Girl Naked Pictures

It’s been a year exactly since I stood on top of a Hummer with Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger) celebrating Barack Obama’s win over John McCain.

I have to admit that it was definitely one of the coolest nights I ever had.

Election Day 2008 started with me getting free coffee at Starbucks, then going to a few meetings and finally stopping at Daffy’s to buy a new shirt for the Barely Political Election Party. (there might have been some eating along the way)

I remember going to the bar and stepping behind the Velvet Ropes to the VIP section where I got to hang out and wait for the results to be called.

Obama Girl wasn’t there yet, and I still remember the squeal coming from the red carpet as she finally arrived.

When she finally got upstairs and we all waited for history to be made.

At some point, McCain conceded the election and Obama gave his now famous speech.

I remember thinking how classy McCain’s speech was and also the goosebumps I felt when I heard Obama speak.

Personally, I didn’t care for him, nor did I vote for him (or for that matter McCain), but I did appreciate the fact that I was witnessing history.

When the party was over, Obama Girl, me and a few others hopped in a car and headed to Times Square.

It was truly amazing.

Once again, though I did not necessarily agree with everything these people stood for, just the fact that they were so happy, so energized and so full of “Hope” was something that was worth watching and it was historic just being there.

I went back to my hotel room that night honestly thinking that the world was going to change and be a better place.

As soon as I stepped out of the cab I figured things were getting better because I saw two drunk hot Russian girls who stopped, said hello and shouted out “Obama!”

Here we are a year later while this country has changed what is different is that people don’t like Obama anymore.

People aren’t making videos about Obama Ducks and Llamas anymore.

It’s not cool to say Yes we Can, Si Se Puede or change anymore.

Now the in thing is to be really really into Tea.

What is happening is that people just don’t care about politics anymore.

Obama was a novelty who wore off.

It was an amazing novelty while it lasted though.

Think about how many Obama shirts were sold, how many bumper stickers were manufactured and how many buttons and pins were made up. (it was millions) I personally got lucky when I started selling Obama’s Chocolate Nuts and let’s not forget Obama Girl who some say is responsible for people actually voting for Obama in the first place.

The funny part is that while Obama was such a stimulus for people and the economy (because he helped launch many many small businesses) now that people are apathetic those sales have dropped. (no one has bought a bag of nuts in quite a long time)

Obama in and of itself had become an industry, and now that Obama is the establishment, it will be the other side who is organized and selling shirts with stupid slogans.

(You know those tea bag people have some silly shirts to sell you!)

The reality is that Obama is like that HOT girl we wanted to sleep with. We tried so hard and one night we finally got her in bed. However, when we woke up the next day we realized that she was just a dumb whore with nothing to offer us. So we dumped her. Now she wants us back and she is trying so hard by flirting with us and being all sexy, but it isn’t working.

We don’t care anymore.

We have moved on.

Moved on to John and Kate plus Eight.

So, here I am one year later

Election night.

No limousines or parties this year.

The economy is in shambles and I gained 25 pounds. (Well, maybe the weight isn’t Obama’s Fault)

Let’s see what happens one year from today in the congressional midterm elections.

Will the Democrats show enough leg and maybe even offer me a chance for some backdoor action?

(cause that is the only sure fire way to get a guy back.)

As for those Naked Pictures of Obama Girl….I personally don’t have them, but she does have a new channel which is definitely worth checking out.

It’s called 2girls 2minutes.

Check it.

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