Man’s Best Friend

I want to marry my dog.

There, I said it.

Now, I want to explain why.

I’m not gonna go into the whole cliche, “unconditional love” thing.

Yeah, my dog loves me no matter what, but he can also be a pain in the ass sometimes like when he poops on top of the stairs to punish me for leaving him alone.

He also likes to hide his food under the couch for later.

When someone comes close to the house he starts barking, sometimes waking me up.

But, besides all of those negative traits, I have to say that my dog is the cutest damn thing in the world.

Sorry Shorty, but he beats you hands down.

I mean look at him.

How can you not want to look deep into those eyes and promise to love them through sickness and health, for better or worse and in richness and poorness until the day we die.

I say I do.

He just looks at me, tilts his head and smiles mischievously knowing that he just hid a piece of chicken under the couch.

Mans Best Friend

Mans Best Friend

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