Windows 7 Hacks

With the launch of windows 7 today I figured that I would give you the top 10 windows 7 hacks that I found.

1) If you hit the s k and shift key while tapping the question mark 7 times the genie from the Pee Wee Herman Show pops up and says, “Meka Leka Hi Meka Heini Ho”

2) While pushing down the numbers 7 and 8 keys simultaneously the computer will reboot into Barack Obama mode which means that it will not actually do anything.

3) If you type in the word CRUSH in all caps while never letting go of the Shift key, Amber Lee Ettinger (Obama Girl) pops on the screen and sings the I got a crush on Obama song with the name you named your computer instead of Obama.

4) While holding down the up and down arrow keys together and pressing the number 3 key, Windows 7 opens up in Tetris mode.

5) While the computer is rebooting, if you type in the words mac and cheese, your computer boots up into a yellow background that oddly resembles the Apple start up screen as if it were made of Swiss Cheese.

6) If you open up a browser window and type in while hitting the shift and Y keys you will open up the “Flux Capacitor” which is a hidden Back to the Future Virtual Slot Machine.

7) While typing in word, if you repeat the words, Tim Shey, Tim Shey, Tim Shey, a box will pop up with the trailer for the Leprechaun movie.

8) While shutting down the computer, if you tap the SHIFT key 8 times in a row, Windows 7 lets you make a “free” phone call to anyone in your outlook contact list.

9) Once a day at 10pm local time, if you are the first person to type in the word “Tony” into the internet explorer browser, Microsoft will pay for a free Pizza from the 1st Tony’s Pizza that shows up on the Bing search engine.

10) If you type into the integrated search a term that doesn’t exist on your hard drive, Gary Coleman pops up on screen and asks you, “what you talking about?”

If these Windows 7 hacks do not work for you, then don’t despair.

It is possible that we are making them up.

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