John & Kate and 8 Fat Jewish Guys

I have never watched the show John & Kate, yet I am oddly fascinated by their relationship.

It kind of reminds me of my parents divorce, except for the TV show, the Ed Hardy, the book deal, Vegas pool parties, and Oh yeah there were only 3 of us.

People always used to say that it must have been hard for my mom because we were 3 boys.

I agree it was pretty hard on her, but what would it have been like if there were 8 boys.

It would be pretty bad.

But, it could be worse.

What if it were 8 boys that were exactly like me.

8 Fat Jewish Guys.

Could you imagine?

What amount of food would it cost to bring us up?

We would need 8 Bar Mitzvah Suits size Husky.

8 Extra large circumcision knives.

So, mom, if you are listening, you got lucky.

It could have been like this:

John & Kate Plus Eight Fat Jewish Guys

John & Kate Plus Eight Fat Jewish Guys

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