Osama Bin Laden and Elizabeth Berkley

What is the connection between the terrorist mastermind and movie Showgirls?

Let me explain.

In the movie Showgirls Elizabeth Berkley’s character pushes Gina Gershon’s (hot Jewish girls) down a flight of stairs.

This causes Gina Gershon to break her ankle and thus Elizabeth Berkley gets to take over as the main showgirl in the big show.

Let me back up for a minute here, because as I write this my grandmother is lying in the hospital with a broken ankle.

As far as I know she was not pole dancing in her apartment when this happened, but in this day and age you never know.

Anyway, I wish my grandmother a speedy recovery and home that she will be back on her feet soon. (if she wants to pole dance then who am I to stop her?)

Back to Showgirls.

In the scene described above there was a direct connection between the pushing down the stairs and the broken ankle.

But, what would have happened if instead of pushing Gina Gershon down the stairs, Elizabeth Berkley has said to Gina Gershon, “I had sex with your boyfriend?.”

And let’s say that Gina Gershon had gotten so nervous that she fell down the stairs and broke her ankle.

Elizabeth Berkley would be just as guilty morally and she would have achieved the same result.

Now, to Bin Laden.

I was watching the news today and realized that this country is torn apart.

Health care debate, replacing Kennedy, is Obama American, Tea Partys, this country is going insane.

So, that begs the question, “did Bin Laden win?”

Yes, he bombed the Twin Towers on 911 and no I am not comparing that to pushing a showgirl down the stairs.

But, what I want to know is if he achieved his real goal?

Because by bombing us 8 years ago he also caused Bush to be elected and because Bush was an idiot he made us vote for Obama.

This country is on the verge of splitting down the middle.

It’s almost like half of us want Donovan Mcnabb to be quarterback and the other half want Michael Vick.

So, what do we take away from this?


Just asking a question that shouldn’t really be answered.

I’m just rambling because I am distraught about my grandmother.

I can’t believe that grandma was swinging on that pole.

Why grandma?


Bin Berkley

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