Is Rachel Zoe Jewish

Shorty should never have turned me onto this show Rachel Zoe project.

She tried to explain it to me that Rachel Zoe was basically a Patti Stanger type who runs around being crazy.

Well, since I know Patti Stanger, I figured I would watch the show and see for myself.

Guess what?

She is not crazy, but she is oddly hot.

She likes to use the word bananas a lot.

Like, wow David your website is bananas.

or like, OMG that cupcake is bananas.

I have even heard rumors that she thinks bananas are bananas.

Regardless, I think Rachel Zoe is hot.

But, the question remains, Is Rachel Zoe Jewish?

We all know that Patti Stanger is Jewish, but if I wanted to invite Rachel Zoe to Rosh Hashana dinner would she come?

Well, the truth is that regardless of weather Rachel Zoe is Jewish or not, I am not sure she would come to dinner because I don’t think that Rachel Zoe actually eats anything.

I have a feeling that she doesn’t think that food is that bananas.

I think she thinks coffee and speed are bananas.

I could be wrong.

That would be bananas.

Is Rachel Zoe Jewish

Is Rachel Zoe Jewish

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