Inspired By Amber

This past week was a week of reflection for me.

After not having the surgery, I kept my answering machine the same hoping that maybe I could get some peace and quiet and that the rest would help my shoulder.

Well, he rest didn’t help at all, but a friend of mine did.

You can say that I was inspired.

Inspired by Amber.

I went to get coffee at the Coffee Bean like I always do and as always happens on Thursdays Amber was smiling at me from behind the counter.

What strikes me about Amber is not the fact that she is a HOT blonde girl.

It’s not that she wears really revealing clothing and likes to bend over seductively when she hands me my change.

What I love about her is that she has a tattoo on her left arm.

You may ask me why that inspires you?

There are many pretty girls with tattoos in LA so what is special about Amber?

Why would you title your post “Inspired by Amber?”

What was that tattoo of?

Well, it’s a tattoo in Hebrew of the word right.

Since I know how to read Hebrew and since the tattoo was obviously on her left hand I asked her if she knew what it meant.

She said yes and told me it meant right.

I didn’t want to embarrass her but, I was so confused as to why she had that on her hand.

Well, this was her explanation.

She knew that Jews are not supposed to get tattoos, however, she had family that were in the Holocaust and she wanted to always remind herself of what they went through. She then kept saying that she put right on her left arm to always remember the twisted ways in which Humans can act. She says this gets her through the day.

I left the store thinking this girl was crazy, but then I started thinking. Maybe she is right? How can someone like Gaddafi or Ahmadinejad actually exist in today’s modern world of Twitter and Facebook?

As I was sitting in Yom Kippur services today, I started thinking about Amber and how maybe she actually makes sense.

All across the world Jews were sitting in their synagogues praying.

They do not pray for war or destruction of other nations.

They pray for peace, health and happiness.

They pray for forgiveness from people they have hurt.

As I walked to Synagogue today I noticed that almost every store on Venture Blvd was closed.

Clothing stores, delis, dry cleaners, furniture shops, jewelers, coffee shops, book stores were all closed with signs on the door that said, “we will be back on Tuesday.”

Jews are everywhere.

We are part of people’s communities.

Yet, there are still those that want to hurt us.

Obama is being counseled to “shoot down” Israeli planes if they try to bomb Iraq.

Jews don’t just bomb countries for the hell of it.

If Israels planes are in the air then believe me there is a reason for it.

Amber’s tattoo was so right. (I mean left)

So, as the High Holiday season comes to a close I sit here at home in awe and inspired.

Inspired by Amber.

Did I mention that she was HOT?

Inspired by Amber

Inspired by Amber

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