Tacos are Crunchy Burgers

I’m not bulimic anymore!

To celebrate tonight was taco night.

Shorty and I went to the market and got come taco seasoning, shells, tomatoes and a lime.

I hadn’t had tacos in a while and was excited to see how they came out.

Needless to say that they came out great.

Wait a second.

I am confused.

What does needless mean?

Does it mean I don’t need to say that they tasted great?

Or does it mean that I do need to say that they tasted great?

The English language confuses me sometimes.

Today for example, I asked Shorty if I should buy taco seasoning or if we should buy a taco kit.

She told me that she didn’t know, so we asked one of the people at the market.

They said, “for all intensive purposes they are the same thing.”

Now, this may sound about right, but it’s not.

The correct saying is, “for all intents and purposes.”

Most people do not know that.

Needless to say, I didn’t correct them.

Tacos are crunchy burgers

Tacos are crunchy burgers

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