My Bulimic Struggle Day 2

Being bulimic is taking a toll on my body.

I woke up today and immediately ran to the bathroom.

It felt so good when I moved my bowels, since it had been over 24 hours.

I sat there pushing and grunting making sure every last drop of poop was expelled from my body.

When I was done, I looked at myself shirtless in the mirror and felt triumphant when I got on the scale and realized that I lost 3/4 of a pound.

It was so awesome that I went downstairs and celebrated my weight loss with 2 grapes.

Then I ate some crackers, and cheese.

Then I ate a 21 ounce rib eye steak.

Then I took a nap.

Then I woke up and ate 3 ears of corn and a few french fries.

Then I ate some tri tip, an ice cream cone and a few corn cakes.

It was hard staring at myself in the mirror after that.

I took my shirt off and wept.

I looked so fat.

Kind of like this girl.

I feel her pain.

bulimia in Hollywood

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