Mumbai is not in Africa

I was so confused when I found this out.

Seriously, I would have bet money that Mumbai was an African country.

But, it isn’t.

Madonna did not get her baby from Mumbai.

She got her baby from Malawi.

Personally I still think its the same place, but Mumbai is in India and Malawi is in Africa.

Anyway, now that you got a geography lesson, I want to come to my point.

Has everyone seen the video of Hillary Clinton flipping out at the question about her husband?

If you didn’t let me refresh.

First of all, Hillary Clinton looks like Penny Marshall.

Second of all, what everyone is not mentioning is that the question was not just about what “Bill Clinton” thought, but also about what Dikembe Mutombo thought.

If I were her, I think I would be more upset about being asked what dikembe mutombo thinks.

But, that’s just me.

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