Jewish Shark Week Ari Emanuel

You know, I actually watched 4 episodes of Entourage today.

Needed to catch up since I haven’t seen it yet this season and because I needed a small break from Shark Week.

Anyway, one of my (and everyone Else’s) character is Ari Gold.

In fictional Los Angeles, Ari Gold is at the top of the food chain.

He eats other agents for lunch and then craps them out before eating more of them for dinner.

In that regard he is almost like Chuck Norris.

Anyway, apparently Ari Gold is based on Ari Emanuel.

Yup, the same Ari Emanuel who is Rham Emanuel’s brother.

The same Rham Emanual that is Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

Anyway, apparently Ari Emanuel is the model for Ari Gold.

He co-founded Endeavor talent agency and now has a brother in the White House.

That makes Ari Emanuel the best Jewish Agent there is.

Since he is the best, that would make him a Jewish Shark.

Jewish Shark Week continues tomorrow!

Jewish Shark Week Ari Emanuel

Jewish Shark Week Ari Emanuel

Jewish Shark Week
Jewish Shark Week
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