Jewish Shark Week


Shark week is officially upon us.

Seriously, I wait all year for this and since I now have a 50 inch Plasma HD TV, this year it it is officially considered awesome.

As I sat down and watched the action, I started thinking…. (yes, here is where it gets dangerous)

According to the people on Discovery Channel, Sharks are the best at what they do.

They have evolved over millions of years to hunt prey.

They are advanced killing machines and are undeniably the king of the ocean.

People are fascinated by sharks, to the point where they have a whole week devoted to studying their habitats and trying to figure out how and why they behave like they do.

It is this definition of shark that I am most fascinated with.

Being the best.

Being at the top of your field.

Being so good at that you do that people want to study you, ask you questions and wonder how your mind works.

Well, that’s why I decided to start my own Shark Week.

I’m not gonna study fish.

I’m to fat and slow to go head to head with a shark.

So, I am going to write about what I know best.


Yeah I know…I’m gonna start Jewish Shark Week!

Ok, here is the plan.

Every day this week, Fat Jewish Guy is going to pick one category of people.

Then will pick out the people at the top of that industry.

Those are the “Jewish Sharks”.

So, strap your selves in and get ready for what can only be described as the greatest annual event on this planet.

Jewish Shark Week!

Tuesday will be the first Jewish Shark: We will look at Jewish Lawyers!

Jewish Shark Week

Jewish Shark Week

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