My Gay Day

I did it.

Seriously, I did something today that may put me forever in the “gay” category.

Well, maybe not gay as in sex in the butt, but definitely gay as in I shouldn’t have a penis any more.

Let me explain.

As I wrote a few days ago, I found an amazing supermarket where things are dirt cheap.

It’s called Vallarta Supermarkets and I am obsessed with it.

Not only can I get some good cheap food, but I can also eat healthy for not a lot of money and have lost some weight because of it.

Anyway, I needed some chicken today and was going to take a road trip to the “good” Vallarta’s, when I remembered that my friend Paul had never been to this one.

I called him up and was like, “hey, I’m headed to Vallarta’s want to come?”

Paul was like, “Well, I’m working right now, but sure I can take a break!”

We got into the beast, (what I call my convertible) and drove to the market.

So, now I have been relegated to going to the supermarket with my guy friends to get food that’s on sale.

You know what?

Who cares.

Tomatoes were 33 cents a pound.

Cilantro was 4 bunches for a buck.

Pickling cucumbers were 99 cents a pound.

Chicken was 59 cents a pound.

Peppers were 33 cents a pound.

Parsley was a quarter.

Radishes were 4 bunches for a dollar.

Finally, I got a box of ice pops that was 5 bucks.

Yup, I spent 16 dollars and now have enough food for the week.

And, when I say enough food, I mean enough good, healthy food.

By the way, in this hard economic times, cooking your own food can actually save you money as well.

See, this weekend I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got myself a Chop Wizard and a 8 inch J.A. Henckels Chef knife.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Damn it.

What happened to me?

I used to be a man.

Now I’m shopping with Paul for cheap produce.

What happened?

I know.

It’s LA.

Maybe I’m just Metro.

Cheap Tomatoes in LA

Cheap Tomatoes in LA

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